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   5.  P R O F E S S I O N A L   R E V E W S

   O R I G I N A L  B U T T E R F L Y  E Y E L A S H  G U A R D ®


    "M U S T-H A V E Tool for Eye Makeup Application/Removal, Eyelash Extensions, Perms, Tint"



                                    T H E   P A N E L   D I S C U S S I O N

    Women-professionals in beauty & fashion industry with

    international  educations  and  extensive  experience

    participated at the market trial to evaluate new eye

    makeup protective shield – Butterfly Eyelash Guard to

    determine the product effectiveness. Everyone was

    been given samples of the product three weeks prior a

    meeting. This is a brief review of the panel discussion.


  "This is a wonderful product that I have been looking for a long time, but could not  
  find. As a professional makeup artist, I tried many similar ones before, but none of 
  them worked. Finally, I've found Butterfly Eyelash Guard and it is like my dream 
  come true! It has all the features I've wanted in a tool like this. No more mascara  
  or dark eye shadow smudges and redoing my makeup under the eyes! With this
  tool, I can protect my skin under the eyes and still have my hands free. It is a  
  fabulous idea and a great product that I will never live without now. I thank the
  creator of the product very much! I absolutely love it and recommend to anyone
  from a professional makeup artist to a regular lady who loves wearing eye makeup
  and wants to have a great protection for eyelashes and the skin from dryness, 
  pigmentation and other problems."

  Yulia Penniman, Makeup Artist.


Finding a solution for eye-area protection was always a problem, from the day when
  I applied my first mascara through later working as a model at the beginning of my
  career until finally Butterfly Eyelash Guard was invented. The up-to-now traditional 
  too-much-powder-under-the-eyes trick to protect the areas under the eyes from eye
  makeup smears can work somewhat, but only for the very youngest skins.  
  Paradoxically, for many women at the middle of twenties, use of that method
  dramatically enhances the visibility of lines and wrinkles, so it becomes an “uglifier” 
  rather than a beautifier. For women after 35–and for some even earlier–the  “powder”
  method is absolutely unacceptable. This method can be harmful because inhaling
  the powder day after day can be damaging to the lungs.
  I tried Butterfly Eyelash Guard & I became addicted to it, also. I have found that this  
  product delivers all the features claimed. I love it because it is hand-free-use and
  disposable tool. It can be reusable many times for the private user who use it for the
  eye shadow only. Eyelash Guard is adhesive tape and lint free. It is very easy 
  to use. Excellent multitasking beauty tool.
  The packaging is practical & informative. A big plus is that the each Eyelash Guard
  is sealed in cellophane, giving buyers confidence about the purity of the product." 
   Patricia Williams
, Cosmetologist (Skin Care/Makeup, Hair Stylist.)


   "I like that Butterfly Eyelash Guard is manufactured with thin, feather-light materials.
   Consequently, it does not cause pressure upon the eyes or the surrounding areas.
   However, the precise fit of Eyelash Guard around the eyes prevents the leakage
   of mascara under the shield, as too often happens with hand-held plastic devices,
   which require large amounts of "handholding," but provide only tiny coverage. When
   using bulky plastic devices, I was unable to achieve a multiple coating on eyelashes
   because liquid mascara moistens, weakens and partially removes the previously-
   placed dry mascara coating. The coverage of most of plastic devices is too small to
   protect the face from falling eye shadow's fine powder that can fall on cheek and
   nose. I like Eyelash Guard very much."

   Lisa Taylor,
Aesthetician (Skin Care/Makeup), Hair and Fashion Stylist.


    "I just finished the trial of all protective devices available on the market. My choice  
     is Butterfly Eyelash Guard. As all we know and was taught, eye makeup should be
     applied at the end of the makeup session. This shield has no adhesive materials
     placed directly under the eyes - that point seems vital to me because that area is
     precisely where the face has its most delicate and thinnest skin. Repeated use of
     any kind of stickers on that kind of skin may cause excessive skin exfoliation, 
     pigmentation, skin irritation and allergic reaction in some individuals. Plus, stickers
     would break the makeup coverage placed earlier under the eyes. Every specialist
     knows that the breakage of the layer made by concealer, foundation, & powder is
     impossible to patch. The user must spend more precious time to remove makeup 
     and apply it again to achieve excellent results. That is why it is very important that
     Butterfly Eyelash Guard does not stick to the skin under the eyes, so foundation
     & concealer stay in place. It is safe and effective. I will continue to use this product
     myself and I will recommend it to my clients."

     Julie Stephens, Medical Aesthetician (Skin Care/Makeup, Eyelash Extension, 
     Eyelash Perm, Permanent Makeup.)


     "The protective shield for the area around the eyes is an essential tool for
     every professional makeup artist, cosmetologist & private user. I have been   
     searching for this kind of solution for a long time. I tried different products
     that have became available on the various markets during the past few
     years. From the year 1925, over fifty ideas on how to solve this problem
     were brought to patent offices worldwide. However, I found that Butterfly
     Eyelash Guard works for me much better than all other protective methods
     and devices. Frankly, there’s nothing out there - anywhere - like this. It is
     safe, offer a good coverage under the eyes; adhesives free & hands-free.
     It works the best for me protecting my skin and eyelashes from damage,   
     skin and eyes irritation and premature aging. It remind me to be gentle on
     my skin every time when I use it. I'm addicted to this beauty tool. It is
     always in my purse."
                                        Irina Zagorouko, Interior Designer,

    C L I C K on the picture to visit Irina's website. 


      "We came together to discuss cons and pros of the protective shields for eye makeup
      applications. That is why I want to be straightforward. Those plastic handheld
      mascara protectors are supposed to hold under the angle of the eye. But they can slide
      from the hand and damage the eye. They can be a dangerous to the people with any
      kind of tremor in the hands. When I try to work with hand-held tools I always felt that I
      need to have a third hand. Unfortunately, those cosmetic tools are made for the use in
      very limited applications. It is impossible to use handheld shields during professional
      procedures as eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting or perms as a specialist must use
      both hands.
      After my experience with Butterfly Eyelash Guard, I strongly agree that this beauty tool
      is the answer on our request for ultimate protective device. It's hands-free, disposable,
      hypoallergenic, lint & adhesives free. It is easy and safe to use. It is cost effective"

      Sofie Vergara, Aesthetician (Skin Care/Makeup, Permanent Makeup.)


   "Women always needed a light, thin, hypoallergenic, hands-free tool with a large area
    of coverage, protecting skin and foundation/concealer makeup under the eyes. I tried
    Butterfly Eyelash Guard. It is easy to adjust and to use. The illustrated instruction for
    users printed on the box are very clear for multilingual users. We all agree that 
    Butterfly Eyelash Guard is not only the safest but the finest product for all of today’s
    markets, both in the U.S. and internationally. I will recommend it to everyone." 

     Natalya Durand,  Aesthetician (Skin Care/Makeup), LDT and Lympatic drainage   
     therapy Certified Specialist.

C L I C K on the picture to visit Natalya's website.


Butterfly  Eyelash  Guard  is disposable, enhancing its essential & wide-ranging   
     appeal to various business users: Spas, salons, theaters, and movie-production
     studios.  Butterfly  Eyelash  Guard  can  be  used  in medical facilities given the
     compelling  requirement for  medical  personnel  to protect their patient’s eyes,
     including the delicate skin around the eyes and the eyelashes. It's apparent that
     this beauty tool provides a simple and inexpensive device that is a new, unique
     and useful improvement over previous devices for use in the application of eye
     makeup and skin and eyelash protection. I believe that Butterfly Eyelash Guard   
     will  be  included to the must-have list of the beauty tools and accessories. This
     is the best protective device on the market today. I use it every day." 

      Lisa Martin, Plastic Surgery Nurse.



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                      S A V E   T I M E,   M O N E Y   &   R E D U C E   S T R E S S

                        H A V E   P E R F E C T   M A K E U P   E V E R Y   T I M E

                O R I G I N A L  B U T T E R F L Y  E Y E L A S H  G U A R D ®

           ♦  The  ONLY  eye  makeup  tool  which  allows  one  to  bring  the

                   MASCARA  ALL  THE  WAY  TO  THE  LASH  LINE!

           ♦  Creates a straight edge for eye shadow  without  adhesive  tape

           ♦  Creates  perfectly  symmetrical  winged  eye  lines "cat  eyes"
             Does NOT STICK to the skin, protects foundation and concealer 
           ♦  HANDS - FREE! NO skin adhesives; Latex, gel, lint & silicone-FREE!

           ♦  VERY THIN! Provides precise, wide coverage under the eyes

           ♦  Tight comfortable fit without any gaps between the shield & the skin

           ♦  Does NOT allow any pigments through to stain the skin 

           ♦  Does not cause skin to perspire under the shield;
the natural material is breathable       

           ♦  Will not mess up your fancy hairstyle, as it is secured over your ears
                                                                  The   ULTIMATE   BEAUTY  TOOL !

(Picture source: Amazon Customers Reviews for Butterfly Eyelash Guard.)

                                          P R O T E C T   YOUR   SKIN
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