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         O R I G I N A L  B U T T E R F L Y  E Y E L A S H  G U A R D ®

     B E A U T Y    A W A R D S    W I N N E R ! 

     P A T E N T E D     W O R L D W I D E !
    "C L E A N  &  S A F E   E y e  M a k e u p"


  Sophisticated  A N T I - A G I N G  Skin Care Protective Shield - P R O B L E M S   S O L V E R

  Indispensable Beauty Tool for Eye Makeup Application/Removal, Lash Extensions, Perms, Tint



                                             I N T R O D U C T I O N

    An Introduction by  Dr. Jack Gosnell - President and CEO of 
    International Professional Executive Development. Dr. Gosnell
    served as Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs at the U.S.
    Embassy  in  Beijing, China; as  the  U.S. Consul  General in
    St. Petersburg,  RU; & as Counselor for Science & Technology
    at the United States Embassy.

    "I want to introduce the creators of the new essential beauty
    tool for  the protection of the skin during the application and
    removal of eye makeup and other  cosmetic  procedures for
    the eyes and eyelashes - Butterfly Eyelash Guard®.

    "Father  and  daughter: Nikolai  Yakimov  is  a  mechanical
    engineer, Vice President of  Holistic  Beauty  Solutions, LLC.
    Natalia Franklin is a naturopath & holistic lifestyle counselor
    with graduate degree in Preventive  and  Holistic Medicine.
    She is the President of the company; and also, a founder and
    volunteer of World Save a Life Foundation*, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to fight animal cruelty. They were
    both working hard on this entire project, including theory, invention, design, patenting, production, marketing and advertising
    initiatives. Even with English as their non-domestic language, they were able to understand difficult patent laws & personally
    processed two the U.S. and ten International patents, as well as trademark registration. This family will be helping a lot of
    women to protect their skin and eyelashes from damage with this wonderful new device."

   *10% of profit donated to World Save A Life Foundation, all volunteers, non-profit charity organization.

             * WORLD SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION  http://worldsavealife.org/index.html



“I worked in the medical field for over 40 years, primarily with high tech diagnostic equipment. Since the 70's, I became aware that certain ingredients in mascara and eyeliners penetrated
the skin and also, permanently accumulated in the dermis and conjunctiva...causing annoying health problems Now, to my knowledge, nobody died from mascara or became disabled. Perhaps this is a reason no research had ever been conducted to address this problem, and thus, no warnings were ever issued. Only a few years ago, several scientific articles were published on the Internet briefly highlighting these health hazards.

"Right now, the biggest concern comes with the introduction of tiny micronized/ nanoparticles, which can easily penetrate the skin and conjunctiva. So many of today's eye makeup products contain these ingredients. Obviously, mascara smudges should be taken seriously because they can cause permanent pigmentation under the eyes. During unprotected eye makeup application and removal its residue penetrates the skin and conjunctiva causing inflammation and constant ocular discomfort that manifests as itchy, red and watery - ​"​dry eyes" for many users. That is why the skin must be protected to avoid mascara residue entering it...at
all costs.

          W E   B E L I E V E   IN   S A F E   &   H E A L T H Y   M A K E U P   U S E

  "Having a background in holistic medicine and skin care, I learned
   quite  a bit about various problems our patients and clientele had.
   One being that existing methods of application and removal of eye
   makeup  and  some other beautifying procedures around the eyes
   could be extremely damaging to delicate skin under the eyes... as
   well as to one’s eyelashes.

  "From a personal standpoint, I too suffered with this  eye problem
   due to unprotected mascara usage from a young age. That is why
   we are focused on helping women to protect their eyes. We know
   this is a  problem  to be addressed, as such a large percentage of
   women  across  the  globe  have been… and continue to be… eye
   makeup users.
  "We are armed with scientific proof indicating that tiny micronized
   and  nano-particles  contained  in eye makeup residue are able to
   penetrate the eye mucous membrane and skin area. This material
   can be permanently deposited, resulting in women having dark
   pigmentation around eyes, as well as other skin and eye problems.
  "Eye makeup removers, soaps and other chemicals daily rubbed into this delicate under-eye area contribute to problems such
   as dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark pigmented circles, eye infections & loss of eyelashes. Mothers must be educated about
   this, and teach daughters about protection of the skin and eyelashes from an early age.  

  "Also, during Eyelash Extension procedures, currently adhesive tape & under-eye gel pads are used. These can cause strong
   allergic reactions in some individuals.

  "We spotted a void in the marketplace, pledging to address these problems. So, we have spent years personally developing
   and patenting a great, cost-efficient, hands-free and hypoallergenic cosmetic tool offering easy-to-apply, safe techniques that
   solves so many problems! These include protecting the skin and eyelashes from damage and premature aging, making one’s
   daily makeup routine easier, save time and money; for retailers and investors offering great profit potential! Most importantly,
   our disposable product is something users will continue to use and enjoy.
  "Thanks for your interest in our wonderful product!"

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  L i n k e d i n    https://www.linkedin.com/pub/natalia-franklin/63/313/747 


  P R O T E C T  Your Skin & Eyelashes from D A M A G E  &  PREMATURE  A G I N G

                       S A V E   T I M E,   M O N E Y   &   R E D U C E   S T R E S S

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