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     E X C L U S I V E    M A N U F A C T U R E R,   D I S T R I B U T O R,   I N V E N T O R   OF   

   O R I G I N A L   B U T T E R F L Y   E Y E L A S H   G U A R D ®

   6.  P R O F E S S I O N A L    U S E

   Sophisticated  A N T I - A G I N G  Skin Care Protective Shield - P R O B L E M S   S O L V E R


                      THE  BEST  TOOL  FOR  S A F E  &  H E A L T H Y  MAKEUP  USE 


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                      E Y E L A S H    E X T E N S I O N S   &   P E R M S

        New  Alternative  Safe  &  Easy  Method  For  Clients  With  Allergies

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                                F A C T O R S    OF    P E R F E C T I O N

          "The winning business strategy is to make the maximum sales that give the
            most benefits and satisfaction to your clients to make them come back." 

 "I’m Julie Glazer, a certified cosmetologist & makeup artist with over 24 years of extensive
  experience in skin care and a variety of beauty procedures. Butterfly Eyelash Guard is 
  my favorite protective tool not only during mascara and eye shadow application and eye
  makeup removal, and it is also a safe & reliable shield during Eyelash Extensions and
  Eyelash Chemical Curling (Perms). The best alternative method for clients with allergy.        
 "Eyelash extensions add length and volume to short and thin lashes to make them look
  luxurious & they can last 2-3 weeks. Synthetic lashes are applied to natural eyelashes
  one by one for an extended look.

 "The eyelash application process is very difficult, tedious & time consuming. Sharp tools
  are used to apply the synthetic eyelashes and this procedure can be dangerous if 
  performed by an inexperienced technician. For a very experienced professional, the
  process of each procedure lasts anywhere between 1.5 to 3.5 hours. It will take much
  longer for less experienced technicians to complete the procedure.   

"Eyelash Curling (Perms) involves application of glue, perming solution and
other chemicals, which are brushed onto the upper lashes, curled them
upward & then allowed to set. If the lower eyelashes are not well separated
and protected from residue of permanent curling chemicals, that can be
deposited on the lower eyelashes, which curled them permanently upward,
that will end with a disaster for the client, technician and the business. The
lower eyelashes need to be cut off and a client has to wait for two months
for the eyelashes to grow back. 

"A major problem when applying Eyelash Extensions or doing Perm is
keeping the top eyelid separated from the bottom to cleanly apply the
extensions one by one on upper eyelashes without messing the lower
eyelashes & skin with glue, which can bond together the upper & bottom
eyelashes. If this trouble happens, all glued eyelashes have to be cut off 
or removed by saturating them with a lash glue removal solution, which is
another mixture of harsh chemicals to be used around the eyes. All lengthy
and meticulous eyelash extension procedure would be wasted; money and
time would be lost. 

 "Adhesive tape or sticky half-moon pads are used to separate
  & cover the lower eyelashes. Tape & gel pads attached to the
  delicate, sensitive and thin skin under the eyes for the full
  length of the procedure from 1.5 to 3.5 hours! In addition,
  the skin cannot breath if covered with tape and pads. These
  kind of technique can cause irritation, allergic reaction,
  wrinkles, and loss of eyelashes that may be permanent.
 "I see that more and more women developed severe allergic
  reactions to tape, gel pads & under eye patches. Adhesive
  tape painful to remove from sensitive skin under the eyes, &
  it tears off the layer of epidermis & some eyelashes. Make
  things worse, many tape brands contain well known allergen
  latex. A number of people are allergic even to latex free kind
  medical adhesive tape. Repetitive or prolonged use of sticky 
  adhesive tape can cause skin irritation to anyone.

"I purchased & tried to use moistened under eye gel patches
 or pads which promoted as "anti-aging" treatment product.
 They do not stay still and required some tool holding them.

"I found that they contain cheap and barely effective "anti-
 wrinkles" ingredients & they are overpriced. I’m strongly
 suggesting to request and consider a list of ingredients and
 warnings to make a decision to use those "anti-aging" pads 
 or not. There are more effective moisturizing and softening
 products for the eye area without any side effects on the
 market to earn your clients’ trust, respect and loyalty.
 Treatment pads or patches seal the skin and do not let it 
 breeze. It should not be on the healthy skin for more then
 20 minutes that is the time for most skin care masks.   
   It should not be used for the protection of the bottom lashes during eyelash extensions which takes a prolong period of time
   to complete.

   "Clients often request to add extensions to the lower lashes. In order to make a  strong bond with eyelashes they should be
   completely dry and clean. The skin softening gel needs to be washed off that requires  more cleansers and more rubbing.
   That is why a dry protective tool as Butterfly Eyelash Guard is the best.

             CLICK:  H O W TO U S E  Butterfly Eyelash Guard for Eyelash Extensions & Perms

 "In my personal experience, Butterfly Eyelash Guard is the
  safest tool for the protection of the skin and eyelashes. It
  keeps securely the bottom lashes from popping up. For the
  Eyelash Extensions I placed the Eyelash Guard under the  
  eyes slightly lower than for the mascara application. I cut
  two narrow half moon pads from 4x4 & placed them under
  Eyelash Guard which will hold pads very well without gels,
  water moistening and without sticky tape. The paper towel
  is a good material for dry pads also, because it is soft and
  non-stretchable. Those little dry pads underneath should
  not be horizontally stretchable because it will not provide a
                                                                                                              tight fit over bottom eyelashes.

 "This product makes my work easier & saves me time. The
  lint free Eyelash Guard contains no adhesives; it keeps
  bottom eyelashes dry, oil and moisture free. Therefore, it is
  unnecessary for me to have to clean and rub client’s delicate
  and sensitive skin under their eyes with chemicals to remove
  adhesive tape or oil residue. If eyelashes are not completely
  dry or have oil residue, glue will not seal the lashes properly
  and they will not last. Eyelash Guard is quick and easy to
  apply. It precisely fits along the line of the roots of eyelashes
  It has a wide area of coverage that not only protects the
  bottom eyelashes and skin during the upper lash extension, but it also works as a tray to hold individual lashes. I'm able to draw
  helpful guidance lines on white Butterfly Eyelash Guard to make the application of eyelashes easier and to perfect the outcome.

 "Butterfly Eyelash Guard is an essential tool for Eyelash Extension and
  Perm. It's wholesale price is six-seven times lower than gel patches.
  I will not use a low cost adhesive tape to save a few dollars. I never
  try to save money when the safety & health of my clients are involved.

 "Butterfly Eyelash Guard is indispensable to remove mascara and eye
  makeup safely, quickly and spotlessly without forceful rubbing the skin
  before any cosmetic procedure around the eyes. All mascara and eye
  shadow residue is absorbed by Eyelash Guard that protects the skin.
  I was able to sell Eyelash Extensions or Eyelash Perms to clients who
  came only for hair removal (waxing) with a heavy eye makeup. It takes
  3 minutes to remove heavy eye makeup versus 15 -18 minutes without
  Eyelash Guard. Professionals well understand the value of 15 minutes
  for the cosmetic procedure. 

 "The winning business strategy is to make the maximum sales
   that give the most benefits and satisfaction to your clients to
   make them come back."

             C L I C K  on  Links to  Download, Save or Print  Illustrated  Instructions  H O W  TO  U S E:

   One Page (PDF): https://www.docdroid.net/SwlG4cr/butterfly-eyelash-guard-instruction-one-page.pdf.html  

   Detailed Description (PDF): https://www.docdroid.net/QRlF3CA/illustrated-how-to-use-butterfly-eyelash-guard.pdf.html 


                               T I N T I N G   O F   E Y E L A S H E S  (TINT)

      Not every salon and spa offers eyelash tinting services, because
      tinting is a very tedious and complicated procedure that requires   
      great  skill  and  experience. Done correctly, it gives a  maximum
      desirable  color to eyelashes,  leaves no  long-lasting dye stains
      on  the skin, and  will  never give  the client sore, red eyes or the 
      worst - loss  of eyesight.  The  eyelash  tinting  is  not a  healthy
      procedure. Do it only in extreme situations.

      The professional must deploy a magnifying lamp for any precise
      procedures around eyes, & must not rush when applying dye on
      eyelashes and–even more importantly–when safely removing dye.

      Damage done to your client’s skin and eyes can cost your
      far more than using extra tools and time.

      As a professional, you know that dye will not stick to the eyelashes
      if your client’s eyelashes have even a slight coating from any kind
      of oil or grease.  We found a solution: place eye makeup shield as
      Butterfly Eyelash Guard on the client's face, by first lifting eyelashes off the skin with the help of Butterfly Eyelash Guard and
      protecting them from a contact with the petroleum jelly. Only after that step, we liberally apply the jelly  underneath  Butterfly
      Eyelash  Guard, with a cotton swab, before the tinting of eyelashes.

                                                                       P L E A S E    B E   A D V I S E D ! 

Professionals! The application of petroleum jelly under every protective device during a permanent eyelash tinting

      is essential to insure the extra protection so the permanent dye will not stain the skin, making clean-up impossible.

      NO other kind of creams and/or lotions are able to completely seal the skin, as only petroleum jelly can do.


                                       P R O T E C T   Y O U R   S K I N
           from Dryness, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Bags & Loss of Eyelashes !

    M A K E   Y O U R   B E A U T Y   R O U T I N E   S A F E   &   H E A L T H Y

         B U T T E R F L Y    E Y E L A S H    G U A R D



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